Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa



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Books (non‑fiction) 

Co‑author, along with Prof. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Yosef ben‑Jochannan, Dr. Asa Hilliard III, Dr. Gloria Latimore Peace, journalist A. Peter Bailey, et al., of  THE RACE: MATTERS CONCERNING PAN AFRIKAN HISTORY, CULTURE, AND GENOCIDE (1991, Native Sun Publishers, edited by Kiarri Cheatwood)

Co‑author, along with Prof. James McPartland, Associate Prof. Sandra Murray Nettles, Diane Scott‑Jones, et al., of  A COMMON SENSE GUIDE TO NON‑TRADITIONAL URBAN EDUCATION (1998, James C. Winston Publ., edited by Dr. Walter Gill)

Co‑author, along with Dr. Learthen Dorsey, Dr. Gloria T. Randle, Assistant Prof. Reginald Thomas, Dr. Tshombe Walker, Thomas J. Porter, et al., of AFRICAN AMERICAN JAZZ AND RAP: SOCIAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL EXAMINATIONS OF BLACK EXPRESSIVE BEHAVIOR (2001, McFarland Publ., edited by Dr. James L. Conyers, Jr.)

Author of A VIEW FROM TANEY'S PLACE, a collection of newspaper commentaries by we Langa from LINCOLN JOURNAL and MILWAUKEE COURlER newspapers and MOBETTER NEWS newsletter (1996, self‑published) 

Poetry &/or short stories 

Mondo's poems and/or short stories have appeared in more than forty literary journals and magazines: THE BLACK SCHOLAR, BLACK AMERICAN LITERATURE FORUM, PRAIRIE SCHOONER, HUERFANO, ARGO, PACIFICA REVIEW, NANTUCKET REVIEW, etc.  His poem, "Great Bateleur," a tribute to Malcolm X, is featured in Walter Dean Myers' MALCOLM X: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Books of Poetry Published  OM: POETRY BY DAVID RICE (Gazette Collective, 1973)

EROGENOUS ZONE (King Publications, 1975)

LIFE, DEATH, & LOVE (Coalition Press, 1975)

VOLUME IV (Sign of the Cabbage Press, 1978)

LOCK THIS MAN UP (Lotus Press, 1978)

THE BLACK PANTHER IS AN AFRICAN CAT (House of August Press, 2006)

Plays performed

"Different Dances" (1986, opened at Roger Furman New Heritage Theater in Harlem, also performed at schools and community centers in Omaha, Nebraska, directed by Laura Partridge)

"We Dance in Our Neighborhood" (1989, performed at  Malone Community Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, directed by Mark Gabriel)

"The Haunting at Fort Robinson: A Buffalo Soldier's Story" (1996, Lincoln Community Playhouse, reading performance directed by Idu Mbaka Maduli) 


Editor of the Harambee Afrikan Cultural Organization (Nebraska State Penitentiary) monthly newsletter, Harambee Flame, since 1978; Staff writer for MoBetter News (So. Holland, IL.) from 1992 to 1997; Column, "Sun Views," carried by Milwaukee Courier from 1989 to 1991; Special contributor/editorial correspondent to Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal newspaper from 1982 to 1995.  

Art Exhibits 

His Paintings, drawings, and/or wood sculpture have been exhibited in several venues in Nebraska and a couple of locations in Iowa.