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Mondo's poetry reflects the sorrow, the sadness, and the pain of the black experience, which has long been associated with overcoming oppression and suffering within the context of the American experience, and, as Mondo would state it:  at the hands of white Europeans. Yet, Mondo reminds his readers of the need for African consciousness, and this is a theme that dominates the message of this poet. His life has been a series of struggles, and the search for self-awareness, based on Pan-Africanism, African consciousness, and the tradition of black American protest, cultural awareness, and vision.represented in his body of poetic creations.

Julius E. Thompson (deceased)
Director, Black Studies Program and Professor of
of Missouri, Columbia

Mondo . . . uses voices ranging from rap to an African demotic to a highly polished American Standard English reminiscent of Langston Hughes.

Mondo’s Black Panther carries us to a heart of darkness that is still our Nebraska, our America. He challenges us to demand “liberty and justice for all.”

FRAN KAYE / For the Lincoln Journal Star
English and
Great Plains Studies Teacher
 University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The years of confinement have not dulled Langa's sharp observations on life in
America for the descendents of African slaves and the predations of the dominant culture.  The Black Panther is an African Cat is not an easy book to read, the angst is palpable and permeates the text while the wisdom goes deep.

Michael Richardson
Freelance writer an political consultant